Most people hope to enjoy a long and healthy life as long as it’s on their own terms, which likely includes the desire to live as independently as possible. But life doesn’t always happen according to plan. At some point, you may find yourself needing help with the tasks of everyday living if you develop a chronic illness, cognitive impairment or suffer a disabling injury. Family members often take on the responsibility of caring for a loved one.


That’s why it’s never too early to plan for long-term care – as a family. Care from a family member is not usually the planned option, but rather the result of a sudden need. Given the option, many would prefer that the family be there for support, not as primary care providers. Having a plan in place in the event of a long-term care event may be one of the most important steps you can take to help ensure your future financial security.


Planning now for the possibility of long-term care can give you time to explore the options for preserving your quality of life and your assets. It also allows you to make important legal, financial and health care decisions about your future while you’re still able:

  • Health care decisions to ensure your values and wishes are honoured if you can’t make decision about your medical care for yourself.
  • Legal decisions about how your affairs should be handled if you are unable to handle them yourself.
  • Financial decisions to help ensure your assets are used to provide for you and your loved ones in the way you expect.
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